19th July, 2017

What To Expect From Camping at Kolad

Is the sound of nature beckoning you to embark on your next big adventure? Nestled in the small village of Raigad in Maharashtra is a breath-taking village called Kolad, offering up her visitor’s magical views and the most peaceful atmosphere along with a chance to be river rafting near Mumbai. If you have a love for water and all the fun things you can do with it, the Kundalika River is the answer to all your adventure dreams of rafting near Mumbai. Go camping at Kolad and connect with nature with your whole being. Experience the satisfaction of completing each Kolad river rafting level and celebrate with the rest of your team. Altitude Quest makes sure that there will be no stone unturned when it comes to your needs while Kolad river rafting.

Everything you need to Know About Kolad River Rafting

Kolad river rafting is a lesson in team work and endurance, traversing to the highs and lows, maneuvering through the unpredictable waters. Kolad river rafting offers one of the best and most affordable modes of rafting near Mumbai. Choose Altitude Quest for camping at Kolad and we will take care of all your necessities. You can spend your time focussing solely on your vacation. Let the cool waters of the River wash away your fear, and find yourself reveling in your success after conquering these treacherous waves during Kolad river rafting. The weather at Kolad is pretty predictable, rarely surprising tourists, though, for the real treat, the monsoon is the time that you want to indulge in Kolad river rafting. You will find the grass to be greener, the waters to be faster and the waterfalls to be better than any other place offering rafting near Mumbai.

If you’re an amateur, a little skeptical of the waters, give up your rafting virginity by Kolad river rafting at winter season. The Kundalika River is also the best option when it comes to river rafting near Mumbai. Altitude Quest presents you with a slew of options while deciding your price and level. Kolad river rafting can be done through a variety of routes and in a range of durations; you can even select your group size with us. You have white waters that help you prep and find your niche within the team. After this, you can find raging swells and sheer drops that can give you the status of a veteran, once conquered. Rafting near Mumbai had never been this fun or exciting. Kolad river rafting is fast becoming the next best destination after Rishikesh.

Setting up Camp

Kolad river rafting is not the only attraction that Altitude Quest offers you. Camping at Kolad is an encounter you don’t want to miss. Enticing you with natural beauty and clear waters, this little village in Maharashtra is now seeing flocks of tourists. Enthusiasts are gathering to embrace some of her essences and go rafting near Mumbai. Kolad river rafting stands apart from other locations as you get the most affordable prices, especially if you are going with Altitude Quest. Moreover other than being a place for river rafting near Mumbai, Kolad also offers other adventure sports like kayaking, wall climbing, and rappelling. Do not miss this opportunity to let the daredevil in you out to play and go Kolad river rafting. Make unforgettable memories setting up camp and building a fire. These vacations - go rafting near Mumbai and forget your fatigue

Get ready to scale up the fun and adventure in your life, awaken the explorer in you, and feel how the winds breathe life into your tired mind and body