22nd April , 2017

Seven Life-changing Lessons Learned From Trekking

A lot of us love to go on treks. We gear up for an adventure we have always looked forward to – shoes laced up, backpack all stuffed! Everyone has their reasons to hit the trekking trail. Some of us are chasing the view we get when we reach the summit of the mountain. Some of us do it seeking the outdoors where they can set up a camp by a gushing waterfall or a meandering stream. Some of us look at it as a way to hang out with friends and have a gala time.

But, there is one thing that always remains with us even the trekking expedition closes. As we look back and reflect, we find that we went in for seeking one thing and found so much more. We go expecting a journey full of challenges. What we never saw coming was the subtle fact that it changed our lives forever.

Here are seven life-changing lessons learned from Trekking:

Leaving your comfort zone

When we encounter situations that are not routine for us, we feel challenged. While trekking we come across steep tracks, we have to brave across streaming river currents and the like. It isn’t something we do on a daily basis. Of course, it scares us to a certain extent. It is then that we tap into our inner resources; try to overcome our fears and anxiety and push ourselves to go beyond our limits. In other words, we are doing something we don’t do on a regular basis, something outside of our comfort zone. We have now become a better person – someone who can do more. We now look at and approach challenges and daily tasks in a different way. Things that posed a problem previously in life don’t seem as intimidating anymore.

Understanding that trying times will pass

Through your trekking expedition, you will certainly come across several challenging situations. You could be faced with torrential rains, obnoxious heat or just very unfriendly tracks. Sometimes, it may seem like the conditions are not going to change and everything looks like a nightmare. But, the fact is that, sooner or later, like Birbal once said – This time will pass. The same applies to the bad times you face in real life. You just need to hold your ground and adversity will pass.

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Taking one step at a time

Going on an adventure trek can be quite exciting as well as overwhelming. However, there is a lot of preparation that goes into it, and we do prepare you thoroughly on all the aspects of the trek before we start. We will tell you about the gear, the terrain we are going to tread, supplies we need to carry, etcetera. But the most important thing is that we break the entire trek down into smaller parts. In a way, we create a flowchart with a series of steps to be followed in succession.

The same goes for the real life as well. To succeed, you need to have a long-term goal. You need to know where you ultimately intend to be and then break down the long term goal into short term goals, each of which will put you on the path to success, one carefully thought out step at a time.

Living in the present moment

thought continues during a trek too. Will we be able to find a good enough spot to camp out? I hope the weather doesn’t turn against us! I hope the food and water will last us through the trek! But the magical thing about trekking is that, even though we start with all these worries, soon they seem to disappear as we come across a beautiful bird, a panoramic landscape, etc. at that moment, we stop worrying and start appreciating what we have now.

In our daily lives, we don’t have the time to stop. But when we understand that we cannot do anything about things we cannot control and start living in the moment, life becomes much easier with the burden of the future off our shoulders. We find a new appreciation for what we have now.

Learning to develop persistence to attain our goals

The key to reaching the end of a many kilometres trek is persistence. There are going to be rough tracks, and there are going to be smooth ones. Several times, you may feel like giving up. But if you give up, that just leaves you in the middle of nowhere. However, should you choose to endure everything that nature throws at you and complete your trek, at the end you will get the reward in the form of a beautiful viewpoint or a lovely cascade! Even in life, giving up is easy. But nothing compares to the rewards that the end of the journey brings. It makes all of the tough times worth it.

Knowing when to let go

Yes, persistence is the key to success. But there is a thin line between persistence and stubbornness, and you need to find it and stay in the right. When you go on solo treks, it is possible that you may lose track of the path. Instead of trying to tell yourself that you are headed in the right direction, you should take a break and evaluate, really think if you could be mistaken. Because, if you are and you still choose to continue, you could land yourself in grave danger. You get where this is going right? Don’t chase something which has no end.

Reconnecting with your inner self

One good advantage of going on a trek is that it gives us a chance to disconnect from the world where we are caught up in the cobwebs of technology and barely have time for ourselves. It gives us an opportunity to connect with nature and with ourselves. As we walk, we do a lot of soul-searching and inner contemplation. It’s not just an outdoor experience; it is a mentally and emotionally elevating experience. Even if it is a short trek, it gives us a breath of fresh air. For once, we are detached from our daily obligations and feel free.

There’s a reason why people say that you should travel often. Listed above are some of those reasons. We come back changed; we are a new, a better person – healed, empowered, ready to take on new challenges in life.