3rd Mar, 2017

What Are the Best Monsoon Treks from Mumbai

The Maharashtrains call the Western Ghats – Sahyadri in their local language of Marathi. Sahyadri constitutes the mountain range of Western Ghats stretching along the Western side of India. The exciting range is takes a few hours of travelling from Mumbai. It spans 1600 km right from the edge of the Deccan Plateau along the Arabian Sea and culminates into Kanyakumari. The Sahyadris are endowed with some breath taking routes making Treks in Sahyadris a treat for your eyes. Treks in Sahyadris present a glorious opportunity for nature lovers as well as adrenalin junkies.

Sahyadri – One of the Hottest Biodiversity Spots of the World

Nature has unleashed upon the Sahyadri range its full bounty of flora and fauna. You will come across these in our guided Treks in Sahyadri. The sweeping forests and charming lakes you encounter during your Treks in Sahyadri will have you spell bound. There are about 5000 species of flowering plants, 508 species of birds, 139 different species of mammals and 179 amphibians. Treks in Sahyadri will also have you encounter close to 325 endangered species. If you want to go trekking near Mumbai, treks in Sahyadri with Altitude Quest is one of your best options. Our well experienced team is fully acquainted of the hotspots of the region and will make sure you have the most fantastic experience.

The Rugged Topography of Sahyadri

Treks in Sahyadri have an entirely different level of beauty and charm. We have multiple route options suited for different skill levels. We organize short treks, day-long treks as well as weekend trekking adventures at cost-effective prices. Fill yourself with awe in the magnificence of Harishchandragarh with its greenery, caves and viewpoints. Embark upon the flower trail of the Kaas Plateau which is one of the best monsoon treks from Mumbai. This is the season when the plateau is in its full glory. Take the road less travelled through the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve splashing in the pools of the Malleshwar Falls. Go off the map with one of the most popular treks in Sahyadri - the Bhimashankar trekking trails. Whatever you have in mind, no matter topography you want to conquer, we have you covered! Discover nature at its best and adrenalin at its height. Trekking near Mumbai couldn’t get any better.