10th April , 2017

This Summer Revel In The Beauty Of The Himalayas

While high temperatures and exhausting heat plague the rest of the country, spend this summer cooling off. Go hiking among the beautiful valleys and peaks of the Himalayas. There are so many Himalayan treks that narrowing them down is a near impossible task. The best thing to do is tackle them by season. So, here we have a compilation of the best Himalayan treks that you can enjoy this summer vacation. Join Altitude Quest as we embark upon our season’s journey exploring and absorbing everything that the Himalayas have to offer.

01 Sar Pass Trek

A six-day trek lets you get to the impressive height of more than 13,500 ft. This Himalayan trek is a combo of adventure and relearning yourself. Witness the timeless beauty of these tranquil mountains and let the magic work wonders on your soul. The mesmerizing harmony of Kasol and the consequent walk to Grahan village through the forest will recharge and energize your body. You reach your destination; the Sar pass after another soothing trek through the Biskeri Thatch.

02 Hampta Pass Trek

Are you looking for a short and sweet trekking trip jam-packed with vibrant colors and rich culture? Your choice should be the five-day Hampta Pass trek. One of the most amazing treks the Himalayas have to offer, the Hampta pass trek takes you to 14000 ft. above sea level. The best part is that there are zero time constraints on when you can go on this trek. It is the best way for a novice trekker to test the waters. Lush greenery, waterfalls, forests, snow; this journey will have a scoop of everything that your heart desires.

03 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The beauty of Kashmir lies not in the adventure or risk. It rests in the silence and peace that these valleys offer you. Your entire perspective is susceptible to change if you embark on this journey as a part of your vacation. Plan your travel between the months of June and August to get the best experience. Just like the Tarsar Marsar trek this Himalayan trek starts from Srinagar as well and ends after seven days at Narnag.

04 Tarsar Marsar Trek

It’s a moderate level trek in Kashmir that showcases the most startling views that the heaven called Kashmir has to offer her visitors. If you are setting out on this trek, the twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar which can be disputed to be one of the most attractive destinations you will come across in Himalayan treks will greet you. The Kolahi mountain peaks surround these peaks. During the summers you will find saunas and enchanting fauna. The mountains go up to 13000 ft. in height. You start the trek from Srinagar and ends in Sumbal after seven days. Meadows, orchards, and valleys make it a complete experience for every explorer.

05 Har Ki Doon Trek

This trek is on the easy to moderate treks in the Himalayas. Valleys and caves, mountains and valleys, forests and rivers, this Himalayan trek offer you the sights that keep every nature lover going. This trek, which reaches a height of 11,600 feet, is the best one to get rid of your trekking virginity. From Dehradun, it’s a five-hour drive to Sankri, from where the trek becomes an eight-day long journey. For sweet flowers and orchids travel another twelve kilometers, and you reach Osla. Get your fill of awesome sceneries at this Himalayan trek.

06 Bagini Glacier Trek

Although it presents a moderate difficulty level, this trek offers the best of both worlds. Sitting at the height of 14,800 feet, are the snow-capped mountains of Doonagiri, Kalanka, and Changa Banga. These mountains are the treat that you get while on this Himalayan trek. Brace yourself as the purity of the place is all set to mesmerize you. The passes and mountains look as if they have remained untouched by man through the times. Starting from Haridwar, the city filled with spirituality, it takes you a whole eight days to complete this enchanting route. Along the way, watch as life blooms in the villages that are scattered here. The Bagini Glacier adds to the beauty of this Himalayan trek.

07 Stok Kangri Trek

Himalayan treks at this peak which stand proudly at the height of 20000 ft. are one of the most challenging treks in this list. It holds the title of being the highest peak in the Himalayan Stok range. This magical destination is at a distance of 24 km from Leh. Its great height is the most challenging factor in this Himalayan trek. The trekkers have to have some experience dealing with unexpected terrains and changing climates. A real test of endurance, you will have to face your fears once on the path. Get ready to face some changes when you set out on this particular trek. Some prep work is mandatory for this particular trek.

08 Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Manali is the name that comes to the mind of all people when thinking about Himalayan treks. You begin by crossing the Parvati valley famous for its lush spread of greenery and then finally reach the Spiti valley. Made primarily for veteran trekkers fraught with treacherous tracks and sharp snowfall, it is an eleven-day trek that offers a slew of choices for every nature lover. Vast glaciers and bright flowers add to the beauty of this pass. A wildlife sanctuary at Thakurkuan ties the bow on top of this excellent package.

09 Rupin Pass Trek

It is one of the Himalayan treks that can be undertaken by the more experienced trekkers looking for adventure. With an altitude of over 15,000 ft, the path passes through desolate places that reward you with the best views of these mountains. Throughout the journey, your eyes can feast on a variety of sceneries that keeps changing as you move. Green fields spread along the way give your mind the freshness that it craves. You can go for Himalayan treks in the Rupin pass via two routes, both of which take you to Jhaka, the hanging village.

10 Goechala Trek

This Himalayan trek starts from the Yuksom. The magnificent mountains of Kabru and Kanchenjungs present themselves before the Trekkers. This trek offers many routes that can be taken by the travelers. The shortest is the one that starts and ends at Yuksom. This trek is the apt one for those looking for a short trek packed chock full of adventure and picture perfect views. The Kasturi Trek is the one that the thrill seekers will love. You cross forests, valleys, and orchards that surpass all your expectations. Experienced and qualified trekkers seek out these trails as well.